When Charles bought his first Nikon F SLR the resulting studies were of derelict architecture,
machinery and also street photography - a genre that the New York Times has called, ”…shots
of everyday people living out their private lives in public”. In this type of portraiture, he has the
keen ability to capture life experiences of people reflected in their faces and gestures.  For this
and carefully composed imagery of man-made objects mingling with the natural landscape, he
believes it is important to utilize available light for the best effect on the first take.

Over a few decades his work continued in 35mm B&W and color slide formats; then, it evolved
to digital. The subjects of his photography have ranged from Great Britain to Central America,
the Gulf Coast, South Florida and the Western US. His concentration is fine art, character
studies with an emphasis on                for the film & television industry. A native of South
Louisiana, Charles has been influenced by its unique Cajun & Creole cultures and the great
number of important painters, sculptors and photographers from this region. He is a founding
member of the
New Orleans Photo Alliance and has recently had solo exhibits in Miami and
Scottsdale with group shows in
Athens, Austin, Bucks County, Lafayette, London, Los Angeles,
New Orleans, New York, San Diego and Portland. Charles' work has been recognized in
numerous international competitions and is housed within various private and museum

His first book was a retrospective:
"charles crain photography-chapters 20 &21"; it combined
early work in film with recent digital images. He has just published a new book series
"my face,
my life"
, the study of life character in faces and another with a focus on Native Americans; also,
a small memento book,
"California Central Coast~a Wolfe's Wine Tour" , a template for
wineries and breweries. Other books he has edited or contributed significantly:
"Julia's Book"
and                             .
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