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still photography - skills and services:
~I have a strong portfolio of imagery revealing the personalities of my subjects;
~understand the talent, roles, sensitivities, goals of the director/producer;  
~will promptly establish a working relationship with director and AD; talent and crew; camera/grips;
~maintain a professional, tactful, discreet and courteous presence on set

~character and ensemble portraits; crew and set-up, prep & behind scenes
~contribute to VFX & other crew, art, progress reference; styling & script continuity shots
~realistic, photojournalistic (in that it tells a story), documentary approach
~meet schedule, maintain confidentiality
~seek opportunities for the best imagery to help convey the marketing message
~I apply my depth of photography skills to:  provide effective candid & posed capture,
utilize available light, offer alternative composition, engage and portray true persona

"Charles possesses a keen ability to capture the life experiences of people reflected in their faces and gestures - in a quickly
developed relationship, he puts the subject at ease for that moment with a kind word or gesture – it results in a timely connection"

Images captured with Nikon full-frame digital equipment, fast prime & zoom lenses; DSLR bespoke
FatBoy Sound  Blimp; PhotoShop, Lightroom & various supporting image editing software;

~location photography:                    
 scouting database, documentation, logistics

~storyboards & trailers:                   photographic storyboards and trailers for marketing/ fund raising

pre-production tasks include:      preliminary conferences for planning & organization of the session with the
publicist, location documentation,orientation and test shots. Issues involving the production, such as: total
number of finished images needed, scheduling, site logistics or the need for specialized skills or equipment

post-production tasks include: image editing & selection, digital refinement, format conversions, retouching,
wrap up meetings and preparing images for final delivery

relevant work: SummitStar Films & Entertainment - "True Love", indie film; SPEEDCh-Barrett Jackson; Caelia
Adams Productions -
"The Stranger", indie film; CoxMEDIA-SuVida show, F&F Wines Int'l; Assoc for Corporate
Growth; Oakville Grocery; Pillsbury Wine Company; Beckett's Table; Binkley’s Restaurant;  Café Bink; Spanish
Market, Navajo  Weavers, Indian Market & Hopi Carvers-Heard Museum; Dia de los Muertos, Mesa Art Center;
Feed Your Dreams Dinner; ~
see PORTFOLIO page for links to video and other imagery